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CNStats 4.2 User Manual

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"RSS Subscribers"

This report tracks the way the number of visitors who read RSS channel (hereafter, referred as subscribers) changes. The number of subscribers is displayed as a chart and a table.

The number of subscribers is summed up of the following values:

Thus, CNStats tries to recreate all the details of RSS channels requests.

When creating a report, you can select one or several RSS channels. By default, report lists the number of visitors for 6 most popular RSS channels.

The list of RSS channels is formed automatically. The page is assumed as an RSS channel if at least one request from an on-line RSS reading service or a RSS reader was registered.

If a website page which is not an RSS channel appears in the list of the RSS channels, you can delete it from the list by clicking on "del_rss" icon next to the web site.

You can create a report both by days and by weeks.

CNStats PRO creates this report automatically.

CNStats STD automatically creates a report if there is a code displaying number of subscribers set up on the website. If there is no counter code, then you will need to create the report manually.

Also, report can be created for one or several browsers, for RSS readers, and for on-line services.

Note: You should use a special counter code for RSS channels via "Configuration - Get Counter Code".

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