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CNStats 4.2 User Manual

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Updating Old Version

New version of CNStats are issued 2-4 times a year. CNStats installer automatically detects the previous version of CNStats and consequently updates it to the latest version. Such a consequent update is possible only if you have CNSats v2.7 or higher installed. Update from the older versions is not supported.

In case any questions arise concerning the update process, please contact us at support@cn-software.com.

Updating Procedure

  1. Disable CNStats using $STATS_CONF["disabled"]="yes"; option in config.php file;
  2. Delete files of the old version (except config.php file and cnt*. files);
  3. Copy new files instead of old ones;
  4. Run installation. To start installation, log in CNStats interface;
  5. Replace the old counter code on all pages of your site. You can get the counter code via the Configuration Get Counter Code page. (Required only when updating from v3.4 or earlier.);
  6. Remove the installer (./install folder);
  7. Log in the CNStats interface, enter new license key. Get the trial key at official we-site, and the license key at members area.
  8. Enable CNStats by deleting $STATS_CONF["disabled"]="yes"; option from the config.php file.

The detailed technical information on how the update from 4.1 to 4.2 goes is available in Technotes section.

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