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CNStats 4.1 User Manual

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The report displays pages, where visitors come to your web-site from. In fact, these pages contain links to your web-site.

You can find necessary pages quickly with the help of the search form (at the top). The search is performed by a substring. Only lines containing the search phrase will be displayed at the report. To view the complete report, you should delete the search phrase from the search form.

In case a referrer address contains a search phrase, then it will be displayed below the address.

By default, the report shows only pages where unique sessions came from; however, it is possible to view the whole list (per user, per visitor (new host)  or per pageview) with the help of the additional panel.

You can view the list ico_tree of the most popular addresses of your site pages for each referrer, as well as specify the report details by means of filter creation buttons ico_log.

You can also build a chart of daily jump dynamics for each referrer. To perform this, you should select required pages and click the Rebuild Chart button.

As in all the other reports, here you can use permanent filters for sampling necessary data from the report. For example, you can create a filter excluding jumps from pages of your own web-site or search engines.

Example of the list of excluded pages:







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