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CNStats 4.0 Manual

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"IP Addresses"

The report displays the list of hosts, which accessed your web-site for a certain period of time. The report is sorted by number of requests and can be used to evaluate activity of visitors from certain addresses or networks. For example, it is possible to track activity of your employees or employees of your competitor, if you know their IP-addresses.

Proxy-server is defined in brackets. It is possible to get extra information - country (*), whois info – by clicking on IP-address link.

You can specify the report representation by means of "quick" filter button ico_log to the left of the address (in the main page or in the "whois" page). For instance, you can choose a jump to View log report in the "quick" filter form: the list of pages viewed from this IP-address will be displayed with additional information. Thus, you will be able to track a visitor navigation on your site. You can also use Report option for convenience (to the right).

(*) The country is identified only in case the country database has been loaded. For details, please refer to "Countries" report.


You can specify the alias for each IP address (Optionally - List of aliases). In this case, the corresponding aliases will be displayed instead of IP addresses in all CNStats reports. In "IP Address" report, there is an option to show only those IP addresses that have aliases.

The list of aliases can be exported for further modifications in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

You can use aliases to monitor company staff activity on the corporate sitå.

(*) You can determine the country only in case the countries database has been downloaded. For more information see "Countries" report.

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