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CNStats 4.0 Manual

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Updating Old Version

New version of CNStats are issued 2-4 times a year. Starting with the version 2.13, the installer automatically updates the program - provided that the version, installed on your computer, is 2.7 or higher. In case your version is earlier than 2.7, then you should update it successively up to 2.7.

In case any questions arise concerning the updating, please contact us at support@cn-software.com.

Updating Procedure

  1. Delete CNStats counter code from all pages of your site;
  2. Delete files of the old version (except config.php);
  3. Copy new files above the old ones;
  4. Perform the installation;
  5. Obtain a new counter code and install it to all pages of your site.

These actions are mandatory for updating from 2.X version to 3.0. For other updates only two actions are required:

  1. Copy new files above the old ones;
  2. Perform the installation;

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