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CNStats 3.4 Manual

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"Currently Online"

The report shows the list of visitors, who requested your web-site pages for the last 4 minutes. You can view a short report, detailed report, or activity table with the help of the additional menu.

The following data is displayed in the detailed report:

Data displayed in the short version of the report:

It is possible to view detailed version of the report for the most parameters with the help of filter creation buttons.

The activity table has one cell for each user. Depending on the cell colour, you can define the type of the user:




a user is not unique (this is not his/her first web page for the current day


a unique user (this is his/her first web page for the current day)


a user with the alias assigned according to his/her IP address

Also, there is a state flag depicted on the cell belonging to the user's country and the precise time in seconds that has passed from the moment of the page loading by user:

Activity Table

Activity Table

Point the mouse cursor to the cell and the following information will pop up:

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