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CNStats 3.4 Manual

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The browser transfers language marks by means of Accept-Languages.

A language mark identifies a human language. Computer languages are not included in the list.

Syntax and register for HTTP language marks are the same as defined in RFC 1766. Language mark contains one or more parts: initial language mark and a sequence of sub-marks (which may be absent):

language-tag = primary-tag *( "-" sub-tag )

primary-tag = 1*8ALPHA


= 1*8ALPHA

Space is not allowed, symbols are case-insensitive. List of language marks is monitored by IANA. Below are examples of language marks:






where any two letters of the initial language mark are ISO 639 abbreviation and two letters of the sub-mark correspond to the ISO 3166 country code.

By default only marks which define unique visitors (new hosts) are displayed; you can also view the whole list (per users or per pageview) with the help of the additional menu. It is also possible to specify the report representation by means of "quick" filters.

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