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CNStats 3.4 Manual

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The report shows cities your site visitors are from. You should use the database of cities and countries for the report to work. We recommend you to purchase CNGeoIP module.

The cities your website visitors have come from are displayed on the flash map on the report page. Also, you can view the cities using Google Maps on the  second tab.

By default, the Cities report displays flash map.To make Google Maps your default map, select Yes on the Configuration - Program Settings page for the option Display Google Maps by default instead of the built-in Flash map.

Note: CNStats PRO automatically defines countries and cities due to the built-in module CNGeoIP.

If you are not satisfied with the accuracy of the CNGeoIP module for some reasons, you can use the cities database of MaxMind company:

MaxMind GeoIPCity Database Installation

CNStats is compatible with the GeoIPCity database (www.maxmind.com). The following steps should be fulfilled for correct functioning:

There is an interactive world map in the information field with indication of the cities (the cities list can be viewed by clicking on a country name). The point-size on the map is built as follows:

Point Size (Pixels)

Number of Visits


1 to 5


6 to 10


11 to 100


101 to 1000


1001 to 10000


10001 to 100000


more than 100001

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