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CNStats 3.3 Manual

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The registration key is used for CNStats registration. There are two ways of getting it:

  1. To buy the license registration key;
  2. To obtain free trial registration key. (Only for CNStats STD)

License Registration Key

This key can be obtained at members area. The key is unique for each license. You can use one key only once.

Trial Registration Key

Free registration key can be obtained on this web page. The key will be valid for 15 days from the moment it has been received. Only one trial key can be used at a domain.

Checking Registration Key

A domain, at which CNStats is located, should match the domain, for which the trial key has been given. This domain should be specified at config.php file at $STATS_CONF["cnsoftwaredomain"] parameter.


In case you enter CNStats administrative interface at www.cnstats.server.com/cnstats/ or at cnstats.server.com/cnstats/, then the registration key should be obtained for the domain cnstats.server.com and $STATS_CONF["cnsoftwaredomain"] parameter in config.php file should be set up as follows:


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