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CNStats 3.3 Manual

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"Goals Achievements List"


The report displays a list of visitors having achieved a certain goal. The following data is displayed for every customer:

You can view all referrers used by the visitor to jump to your web-site with the help of "All entry points" options.



Identification tokens are chosen for users, who have achieved a certain goal*, with the help of signal strings. Then a referrer is found for every visitor together with the date of the first entry.

(*) CNStats assigns a unique ID token to every visitor at his/her first visit. This information is stored in Cookies in the course of one year beginning from the last access to your web-site.

Therefore, if no request is performed during a year, the ID token will be lost and this user will be counted as a new one in case of visit (if any). In case a user has not visited the site for a period less than a year, then he will be considered as a repeated visitor of your site.

Users with disabled Cookies are not displayed in this report.

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