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CNStats 3.2 Manual

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"Visitors Paths"

This report allows to define most popular sequences of pageviews. Sometimes it may be only one page.

The path is considered unique if only one visitor followed it during a certain period of time. In this case you may get additional information about this visitor.

The report is quite complicated and requires time and memory for calculation.

Maximum calculation time is limited: 10 minutes by default. This value can be changed with the help of $STATS_CONF["slow_reports_time_limit"] option, for example:


// 20 minutes (or 1200 seconds)

Maximum memory size depends on PHP settings. Default value is 8 Mb. This value may be changed by means of $STATS_CONF["slow_reports_memory_limit"] parameter, for example:


For detailed information concerning memory limits, please, refer to PHP official web-site.

You can also set additional parameters of the referring page`, entry page` or one of other pages` contents by means of "Additional parameters" in the upper part of the report field.

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