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CNStats 3.2 Manual

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At the  moment, export/import operations are implemented in the testing mode. You can use them only for acquaintance.


In this section you can export the attendance log-table to one of the following formats:

  1. CNStats Log - the attendance log-table is exported completely;
  2. Apache Log - only the following data is exported: request data, IP-address, web-page, referrer, User-Agent. The rest of the information is not saved in this format.

Exported data can be downloaded or saved into the file at the server. Upon downloading the exported data, the log-file size is limited. Maximum size depends on PHP and MySql settings. Upon saving the exported data to the file at the server there is no size limitations, as exporting is performed step-by-step.


In this section you can import data to the attendance log-table. Import may be performed out of the following file formats:

  1. CNStats Log;
  2. Apache Log.

Upon data importing by loading the file into the server there is a limitation to the imported file size. Maximum size of the loaded file depends on maximum time execution of PHP-script and on PHP-options: post_max_size and upload_max_filesize.

Upon data importing from the file to the server, these limitations do not influence the imported data file, as importing is performed step-by-step.

Note: Once the files are imported into the log-table, you should rebuild summary attendance statistics in the section "Database management"

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