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CNStats 3.2 Manual

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Data Dictionaries

Certain data is required to build some reports. For example, it is necessary to know how the field User-Agent depends on the operating system to build the report "Operating systems".

For instance, MS Windows XP is identified by the presence of "Windows NT 5.1" string and Windows 2000 by "Windows NT 5.0" string.

Strings identifying operating systems are called "tokens".

Data dictionaries use the following reports:

List of tokens can be updated by clicking "Update" button at "Configuration" - "Data dictionaries" section. We recommend updating tokens once a month.

Note: Dictionaries update is unavailable while using the trial registration key.

If you wish to add a search system, search directory, browser, or operating system, you have to submit the required data with the help of the feedback form: http://www.cn-software.com/en/contacts/

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