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CNStats 3.2 Manual

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"Phrases Leading to Goals"


The report displays a list of search phrases, by means of which the site visitors achieved a certain goal. The list of goals is specified at Tracing goals - Settings. The term "goal" can imply payment for goods, registration at a site, message sending etc. (The report is similar to "Sources leading to goals" with the only difference that search phrases are displayed instead of referrers).

Additional Parameters (Drop-down Menu)

Additional parameters table consists of two parts:

  1. A list of goals (there is a number of users having achieved the goal opposite each item of the list);
  2. Report generation logic options.

One should choose goals, for which search phrases are to be displayed, in the goals list. In case there is more than one goal, you can choose one of the following logics of the search phrases displaying:



Identification tokens are chosen for users, who have achieved a certain goal*, with the help of signal strings. Then a referrer is found for every visitor, by which he came to the site for the first time. All referrers are grouped and sorted by a number of jumps.

(*) CNStats assigns a unique ID token to every visitor at his first visit. This information is stored in Cookies in the course of one year beginning from the last access to your web-site.

Therefore, if no request is performed during a year, the ID token will be lost and this user will be counted as a new one in case of visit (if any). In case a user has not visited the site for a period less than a year, then he will be considered as a repeated visitor of your site.

Users with disabled Cookies are not displayed in this report.

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