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CNSearch 1.5.1

© "CN-Software" Ltd. 2002-2008
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Templates Settings

The template part contains HTML code generating HTML-document with the search results. You should use special symbols within this code, which will be replaced by the corresponding text after the HTML document will be generated:

For example:

-- cnsearch.conf ----------------------------------------

# This is a cnsearch configuration file


::CONFIG regcode = Enter Oner registration code here

::CONFIG stats = password

::CONFIG content-type = text/html

::CONFIG NonStrictMatch = [non strict match]

::CONFIG StopWords =, Ignored Words :

::CONFIG SearchType = Combined





<TITLE>Search results - %Q</TITLE>



<table width=400 height=40 align=center bgcolor=#C0C0C0>

<form action="%F" method=get><tr><td align=center>

<input type=text name=q size=40 maxlength=64 value="%Q">

<input type=submit value="Search">


Documents found: %O

 <B>%O</B><font color=gray>%W<B>%P</B></font><br>


<div align=right>

Sort by: <a href="%A">date</a> | <a href="%L">relevancy</a>






<LI>%N. <a href="%U" target=_new>%T</A> <small>

      <font color=red>%S</font> [Relevancy: %R]</small>





<LI><a href="%U" target=_new>%u</A>





<P><font color=red>%Q not found</font>






-- end cnsearch.conf ------------------------------------

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