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CNSearch 1.5.1

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CNSearch performs full-text search and provides statistical reports for analysis of the site contents and of the popularity of its sections.

Statistical data is stored to stats.cns file, which must be located in the same directory with search index files. If cgi-script, while searching, cannot access this file or does not have permission to create it (typical), then statistical information will not be saved.

You may create stats.cns file manually and set up the access rights for it.

Access to statistics data is password-protected. The password is set up in the search module configuration file with the help of Stats parameter (see Configuration Parameters), for example:

-- cnsearch.conf -----------------------------

::CONFIG stats = thisispass




<TITLE>Search results - %Q</TITLE>



-- end of cnsearch.conf ----------------------

To view statistical data, you should define 'stats' parameter in the site URL, for example:




At the moment, two reports are available in the system:

  1. Search Requests

This report shows search phrases, most frequently used by the site visitors, and the number of found results. The report helps to analyze most frequent search objects. You can view statistics for any time period:


  1. Time Distribution of Search Requests

This report allows analyzing distribution of search requests per day; it provides statistics for any time period. For example:


In case you need other reports, please contact us; they will be included into the upcoming versions.

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