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CNSearch 1.5.1

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To perform the search within the generated index, do the following:

  1. Copy index files (see Indexing) to the directory containing the search module; as a rule, it is /cgi-bin/ directory of the web-server;
  2. Specify the path to the search.exe file;
  3. Enter a search request in the form and click the Search button; provided that the search request has been correctly specified, the system will display the list of search results:

Search results

Search results

You can sort out the search results by date or by relevancy.

You can set up the interface of the results form with the help of templates (see Templates Setting).

The 'fulltxt.cns' file contains all texts of the indexing documents: this data allows showing text samples, containing highlighted search phrase in the search results, for example:


Note: 'fulltxt.cns' file can be of a considerable size; in this case, you can delete it or cancel its generation by means of the Type parameter (see search.conf) during the indexing process - search results will be displayed in the following way (without highlighting and citing, only the first 256 symbols of a document):


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