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CNSearch 1.5.1

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To start indexing, do the following:

  1. Enter the job name (it can be any name) and then the address of the web-site to run indexing on:

Setting up Indexing Parameters

Setting up Indexing Parameters

In the example above, the localhost is a name of a job, and http://localhost/my_site is the web-site address.

  1. Run indexer.exe in the command line with the following parameters defined:

Example for Windows:

C:\indexer.exe localhost


C:\indexer.exe --config=D:\www\search.conf localhost

Example for Unix/Linux:

./indexer name_of_task


./indexer.exe --config=/home/www/search.conf name_of_task

To perform indexing of several sites at a time, you should enter the sites` URLs within one job in search.conf:

Setting up Several Sites Indexing

Setting up Several Sites Indexing

Having finished the indexing the system creates the following set of index files:

Note: At the moment, two types of indexing are available in the system:

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