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CNSearch 1.5.1

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Configuration Parameters

Configuring part of cnsearch.conf contains the following parameters:


The parameter defines the path to the search index. It can be used if you do not intend to store the search index in 'cgi-bin' directory or if you plan to use several search indexes.

For example:

::CONFIG path=/home/www/search/en/

For MS Windows:

::CONFIG path=d:\www\search\en\


The parameter defines Content-type field of the header. Default value is "text/html". Search results can be generated into XML-file as well.

For example:

::CONFIG content-type = text/xml


The parameter defines the search logic:

"And" logic is the fastest and is recommended in case the search index size exceeds 100Mb.

"Combined" logic is recommended for usage on small sites made up of 50 pages or less.

For example:

::CONFIG SearchType = Combined


The parameter defines a password for access to the statistics interface (see Statistics).

For example:

::CONFIG stats = secret


The parameter defines the product registration code (see the detailed information at the official site).

For example:



The parameter specifies a term denoting stop-words displayed in search results provided that %P parameter is enabled (found stop-words).

For example:

::CONFIG StopWords =, Ignored Words :


The parameter defines maximum relevance of pages displayed in search results. The pages with relevancy value greater than MaxRelevance are ignored. This parameter allows improving search quality by means of "excluded" pages with suspiciously high relevancy. As a rule, these pages do not contain a large amount of text or they contain keywords, which are repeated too often.

For example:

::CONFIG MaxRelevance = 4000


The parameter specifies a term denoting the match of the search results to the search request provided that %S parameter is enabled. It is used only with Combined search logic.

For example:

::CONFIG NonStrictMatch = [non strict match]

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