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CNSearch 1.5.1

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The search module configuration file (cnsearch.conf by default) should be stored in the same directory with the file 'search.exe'(search.cgi for Unix). It is a text file specially optimized for fast processing. Cnsearch.conf consists of two parts:

The structure of the configuration file looks as follows:

::CONFIG regcode = Enter Oner registration code here

::CONFIG stats = password

::CONFIG content-type = text/html



<TITLE>This is the top part of the HTML document</TITLE>




<P>This the description of the found page.

There will be displayed 10 such descriptions.


<P>This text will be displayed if

no search results will be found


This is the bottom part of the HTML document



You can use single-line comments in the configuration file. Each comment starts with the symbol "#".


Configuration Parameters

Templates Settings

Using Various Templates

Searching Through Selected Sites

Grouping Search Results by Sites

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