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CNCat 4.3 User Manual

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Upgrading CNCat 4.x

Important! Before upgrading, save a backup copy of all data (Administration – Settings – Export). In case the upgrade is incorrect, you will be able to restore all data using the backup copy.

If the current CNCat version is 4.0, or higher, then there are two ways to move to new CNCat version.

The first one (recommended) – installation over the old web directory. You should copy new files over the old ones and then run the installation in the Upgrade mode. The database will be automatically upgraded.

The second way is to install new version into the separate folder and database. After installation is over, you should import data from the old database and copy configuration files from the previous version.

Both upgrade methods are described in the following paragraphs.

Note: If you’ve modified the web directory formatting, you should modify the theme to enable new functions.


Installing CNCat 4.x over 4.0 and Higher

Installing CNCat 4.x into Separate Database

Updating Design Themes

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