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CNCat 4.3 User Manual

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The section is intended for management of the web directory moderators.

 List of Moderators

List of Moderators

A moderator manages links in certain categories, which are assigned to him/her by the administrator. Depending on the settings, a moderator may be also allowed to manage these categories.

To add a moderator, you should use the option Add a new moderator: adding form will be displayed on the screen:

Adding Moderator

Adding Moderator

The following parameters should be set in this form:

There are two flags next to the name of each category. The first one grants the rights to manage this category; the second one to manage all child categories of this category as well.

To complete adding, click the Add button.

Provided that all data have been entered correctly, the moderator will be added to the list.

To edit and delete moderators, you should click on the icons edit_button_std and delete_button_std correspondingly.

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