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CNCat 4.3.3 User Manual

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Templates File Format

Template file contains description of one or more templates. Each template has the following format:

{TEMPLATE template_name}

       HTML-template code


For certain templates the list of used database fields is defined after the name. This option is intended for increasing of efficiency. For instance:

{TEMPLATE newitem (ITEM[item_id, item_title, item_descr, link_url, link_target])}

In this case only fields item_id, item_title, item_descr, link_url, link_target are requested for ITEM variable.

HTML-code of the template can contain the following special elements:

Note. HTML-code of the template is displayed «as is», except for special elements. It means that all line foldings, space symbols etc. are displayed. If necessary, the whole template can be written in one line.

Below is the detailed description of special elements.


Inclusion of Generated HTML-Code

Inclusion of Another Template

Variables Display


Function Call

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