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CNCat 4.3.3 User Manual

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Scheduled Check (CRON)

To set up a scheduled check for links, go to the administration page Settings - Scheduled Check:

Setting up Scheduled Check

Setting up Scheduled Check

Note: General check parameters are defined on the Settings - Checking Links administration page.

To protect the scheduled check, we strongly recommend creating secret key for access to the script. To do this:

  1. Enter the code into the Secret key for access to check script;
  2. Click the Save button.

Before you generate the commands for running check script (via php and wget), specify the check parameters:

After all parameters are specified, click the Generate button. Thus, you can generate several commands to run scheduled tasks for different sets of parameters. You should copy the result commands and paste them into the settings of your hosting schedule and specify how often the task should be run.


Thus, the complete check will be over in 10 hours. The next repeated check will start in 15 days. The check runs starting with the oldest links by the last checked date.

The scheduled check results are displayed in the report. To view the report, click the Check report at the top of the Scheduled Check page.

Shceduled Check Report

Shceduled Check Report

While links check is in process, you can refresh the report (the Refresh button) to get the current results. To delete the report, click the Clear Report link.

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