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CNCat 4.3.3 User Manual

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Importing Design

New CNCat stores formatting in files, which is different from the CNCat version 3.1 and earlier. For more information on formatting, see Appendix A.

Note 1. Importing design themes function is a trial one yet. After you import the themes, there can be slight differences in the pages format comparing to the old web directory version.

Note 2. If your current operating system is not Windows (for example, FreeBSD, or Linux), make sure PHP is able to create folders and files in /cncat_config/themes/ folder. Consult your hosting support staff about these abilities.

To import formatting from the old web directory, you should do the following:

  1. Go to administrator interface, and then select the Settings – Import – Importing from CNCat 3.x, 2.x – Importing Design.
Importing Design from Previous Versions

Importing Design from Previous Versions

  1. Specify the new theme name (this is how it will be displayed in the list of themes).
  1. Enter the  web directory old version database name and table prefix. These values are stored in the ‘config.php’ file of your web directory old version:
  1. Click the Import button.

Go to the Settings – Web Directory – General Settings. Make sure the design theme is displayed in the list (see the Theme drop-down list).

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