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CNCat 4.3.3 User Manual

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The section is intended for creation of filters, which present a mechanism of additional subject sorting of links and articles in the web directory. The number of filters and their values is unlimited:

Filters and Their Values

Filters and Their Values

To create a filter, you should enter its name in a text field below the filters list, define optional/mandatory attribute and sorting order value, and then click the Add button: the filter will be added to the list in the upper table.

When adding a link, you should define at least one value for mandatory filters.

Next, you should create values for the new filter. To create a value, you should select the filter name in the drop-down list at the bottom of the form, enter the value name in a text field, define sorting order and click the Add button: the filter value will be added to the list in the lower table.

To edit and delete filters and their values, you should click on the icons and correspondingly.

To disable filters in the web-directory, unselect the Use filters check-box. This option is also duplicated on the Settings Web Directory administrator page. To save your modifications, click the Save button.

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