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CNCat 4.3.2 User Manual

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Updating Design Themes

If you use the modified formatting theme, you should change it to enable new functions of the web directory.

New themes have been significantly modified, that is why, if you are using one of the standard themes with your modifications, we recommend to modify the newly updated theme in the same way.

If the standard theme has been radically modified, then do the following:

  1. Save a backup copy of your theme.
  2. Copy new files from the ‘default’ theme into your theme:
  1. Copy file ‘add.tpl’ from the ‘default’ theme over the file of your theme.
  2. To enable the link ‘Add Article’: in ‘common.tpl’ file of the ‘menu’ template, substitute the string

{IF !$CNCAT[config][add_disable]}…


{IF !$CNCAT[config][add_disable]}<a href="{$CNCAT[abs]}cncat_add.php"><strong>{$CNCAT[lang][menu_add_link]}</strong></a> |{ENDIF}

{IF $CNCAT[config][add_article_enable]}<a href="{$CNCAT[abs]}cncat_add_article.php"><strong>{$CNCAT[lang][menu_add_article]}</strong></a> |{ENDIF}

  1. To enable the section New Articles: in ‘index.tpl’ file of the ‘index’ template, after the string




Also, we recommend to copy ‘newitem*’ templates code from the standard theme.

  1. To enable the section for selecting the displayed elements of the web directory All/References/Articles:


add the following string

{DISPLAY ITEM_TYPES}<br>                          

  1. To enable RSS: in the ‘category.tpl’ file of the ‘catpath_currentcat’ template, add as the last string:

{IF $CNCAT[page][show_rss]}<a href="{$CNCAT[abs]}cncat_rss.php?c={$CNCAT[page][cid]}"><img src="{$THEMEURL}images/rss.gif" alt="RSS" style="vertical-align: top; margin-right: -15px;" /></a>{ENDIF}

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