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CNCat 4.3.2 User Manual

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Managing Images in Database

To add images into the database, go to the Web Directory Elements Images page, and then click the Browse (Choose file) button in the window containing images (List of Images in Database), and then select the image on the local drive. In the name field, enter the name you want to be displayed above the image as a title. Then, click the Upload button. As a result, the currently selected image will be displayed in the list of images available in the database.

Besides, you can sort images in the database by the category. To do this, before you add the image to the database, in the drop-down list, select the category you want this image to belong to, and then click the Select button. Then, upload the image. To create a new category for images, click icon next to the categories drop-down list (List of Images in Database figure):

Adding Categories for Images

Adding Categories for Images

In the displayed dialog of managing categories, enter the name of the new category in the field below the list of categories, and then click the Add button. In order to delete or edit the existing category, use delete_button_std or edit_button_std icons correspondingly. To go back to the list of images, click List of Images link.

To edit any of the images in the database, click edit_button_std icon above the desired image in the List of Images in Database.

Editing Images in Database

Editing Images in Database

In the window of editing images, you can:

Make sure you save your changes before closing the window.

To define the maximal size of the images (in pixels) that can be stored in the database, go to the Settings Web Directory page. Also, you can specify the size of the thumbnails there which appear as previews in the database.

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