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CNCat 4.3.1 User Manual

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Additional Fields

CNCat allows you to add one or more additional fields for links and articles. There are three types of data and three additional fields for each type. You can enable or disable these fields. By default, all the additional fields are disabled.

To set up displaying additional fields in the web directory, go to Settings - Additional Fields admin page. There are two forms for setting up additional fields: one for links and the other one for articles. Both tabs have the same controls.

Additional Fields Setup

Additional Fields Setup

Go to the tab you want: either Links or Articles. To add an additional field, select the type of the field first: date, fraction, integer, text, string, image. Then:

To apply your settings, click the Save button.

Note: the empty additional field, which is not mandatory, will not be displayed on the selected pages, until the template is setup otherwise.

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