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CNCat 4.2 User Manual

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Working with Links and Articles

A unique interface is implemented for working with various types of links and articles at the Links and Articles section (new, submitted, deleted etc.):

 Links and Articles Processing Interface

Links and Articles Processing Interface

There is a sorting mechanism at the top of the page, which allows to display links and articles sorted by categories, by dates etc.

Below is the list of links belonging to the given section (new, submitted etc.).

The following parameters are defined for each link:

There are the following options below each web directory entry:

To process several web directory elements at a time, you should mark them off and click the corresponding buttons for group operations at the bottom of the page. To process all links displayed on the current page, you should enable the option Mark all the links on the page, located under the links list.

By default, the option All marked links is enabled, i.e. group operations will be applied to all marked links. To apply the operation to all the web directory elements, found in this section, you should select the option All found links.

To edit the link/article parameters, you should use the Edit option. As a result, the editing form will be displayed on the screen:

Edit Link Form

Edit Link Form

To edit a link, you should enter the required modifications into corresponding fields equal to those of the addition form. Besides, you can set the following additional parameters of the web directory elements:

To save changes, you should click the Save button. To restore initial data, click the Cancel button.

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