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CNCat 4.1.2 User Manual

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Main User Interface Elements

User interface consists of the following elements:


Main Catalogue Page

Main Catalogue Page

Note: The GUI design depends on the selected theme (see Catalogue).

Menu bar (1) allows you to add link, article, and to go to the administrator interface (see Administrator Interface) and to the catalogue map.

Search engine (2) allows finding the required link in the catalogue efficiently.

Filters (3) are intended for sorting out the links list by various parameters (language, geography, resource type etc.). The filtering parameters can be set up in the administrator interface; its number and variety of values are unlimited. Several values of each filter can be selected for each link (see Filters).

The list of categories (4) includes the number of links contained in every category/subcategory. Each link can be stored in one or more categories. Besides, it is possible to create cross-categories, which are links to existing categories (see Categories).

A standard sorting mechanism (5) allows sorting links by popularity, name etc.

There are the following parameters defined for each link in the list of all catalogue elements (6):

To view detailed description of a link, click on the icon expand_descr:

Detailed Link Description

Detailed Link Description

The following parameters are specified for each article in the catalogue list (6):

To display the content, click on the article title:

Article Contents

Article Contents

To inform the moderator about a link, which does not display its contents, click on the icon delete_art_link (see Warnings).

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