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CNCat 4.1.2 User Manual

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Processing Links

The section is intended for checking links and sending automated e-mail messages for those entries which have been marked by the administrator in other sections by clicking the To the checking queue button (see Working with Links and Articles).

Checking Links

To start checking links located in the queue, go to the Check tab.

Note: In case of the articles check, all the operations are applied to the Source field.

To check a link or a group of links, you should select the following parameters at the top of the page:

Links Checking Parameters

Links Checking Parameters

At the bottom of the page is a queue of links waiting to be checked. The list can be sorted by standard parameters (name, popularity etc.).

To cancel checking of a link, you should use the option Cancel checking (this option is displayed in the menu of a checked link at all sections, to which the link belongs).

To cancel checking of all links found in this section, you should use the option Clear the queue.

To view the results of the last check, you should use the option The last report.

To start checking, use the Check option (under the entry) or Check to process all the entries in the queue: checking process will be displayed on the screen.

As the scripts execution time is usually limited at the server and links checking requires certain time period, the page with intermediate results is updated automatically in case the parameter Time limit for each page of intermediate results has been exceeded. Besides, the page is refreshed according to the parameter The number of intermediate results on the page while checking.

Final check results are displayed in the report form:

Links Check Report

Links Check Report

The list of checked links can also be sorted by efficiency.

To return to the checking form, use the option Queue.

To delete the current report, you should use the option Delete the report.

Sending Customized E-mails

To send and customize specific notifications, go to the E-mail tab:

Setting up Specific Notification Messages

Setting up Specific Notification Messages

To send necessary messages to the recipients:

  1. Select links/ articles which authors you want to send a message.
  2. Specify the message subject.
  3. Enter text.
  4. Define the number of intermediate results per page.
  5. Define time limit for displaying pages with intermediate results of checking (the page will be reloaded automatically in the specified period).
  6. Click the Send button.

As a result your message will be delivered to all the specified recipients (users who placed links/articles in the cataloguċ and specified their e-mail address). You can use available variables to customize messages.

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