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CNStats 2.9 - Now Completely Independent System!

"CN-Software" Ltd. announces the release of CNStats 2.9 - the system of web-site attendance statistics accumulation. More functions, more abilities!

CNStats is the attendance site counter plus powerful system for a site attendance statistics accumulation and analysis. More than 40 basic reports are available via web-interface. The system is easy to install and to configure and allows counting all the site visitors - both human beings and robots.

CNStats is a site attendance counter of the new generation. "CN-Software" Ltd. always takes into consideration the customers requests and recommendations concerning CNStats improvement, which influences each new version. The most advanced technologies are implemented in CNStats.

CNStats suits to upcoming projects perfectly and allows controlling visitor's actions on-line. CNStats interface is user-friendly and comprehensible both for beginners and for professionals. CNStats functions on any hosting which supports PHP/Zend and MySql. In case it is impossible to install Zend Optimizer to your server, please contact us and we`ll try to help you.

What's New in CNStats 2.9?

New Registration System

For attention of our clients, resellers, and wholesale customers: once you purchase the license, you receive the registration key activating the application. The distribution kit is not changed; its functionality depends only on the entered key. The key is tied to the domain, on which CNStats is installed. A key is intended for one domain.

The registration process is divided into two steps:

  1. Selection of the license type and purchasing;
  2. Entering the domain name and obtaining the registration key. The term of the license validity starts from this moment.

Thus, there can pass some time between the first and the second step. Therefore, you can buy a license beforehand and activate it when you wish. Also, having bought the license, you can obtain special coupons. Entering a coupon, you get access to the key generation interface. The coupons are intended for resellers.

You can obtain a trial registration key for CNStats testing - it allows using the application in a trial mode for 15 days.

We hope that the new registration system will make CNStats usage more convenient for all categories of our clients.

CNStats Presentation

Your site may be much better, than you think it is - install CNStats and check!

Best regards,
"CN-Software" Ltd.
July the 13th , 2006