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CNStats - Automated Web-site Statistics Accumulation and Analysis

November, 21, 2005
Contact: Vladislav Gerasimov
Company: "CN-Software" Ltd.
E-mail: support@cn-software.com

You have created your own web-site. You want to count its traffic; you`d like to possess the detailed information about your visitors and to control their activity... CNStats is what you need!

CN-Software, Ltd. announced the release of CNStats 2.7. The application is intended for accumulation and analysis of the site usage statistics and is meant for a wide audience from students to professional web-developers. CNStats suits to upcoming projects perfectly.

The application advantages are the following:


CNStats gives an opportunity to gain absolutely precise statistics, taking into consideration all the visitors - both humans and search bots. More than 30 detailed basic reports are available for customers' accommodation; various types of counters, unique world-map built on GeoIP database, online visitors' control, applicable multi-level filters, combined reports via e-mail etc.

Besides, the new version of CNStats introduces the following innovations:


CNStats is easy to install and to set up. You can run it on any hosting platform, supporting PHP and MySql.

The application costs 59.95$USD. Having acquired CNStats license you gain the following advantages:

The access to the Members' Area is valid for one year starting from the purchase date, and it provides you with the following features:

Customers are able to view demo-version of the application to get preliminary estimation of it. Moreover, any user can download and use CNStats Free for no charge. This is a fully capable version. The difference of the free version from the commercial one is that not all the reports are availablee. CNStats Free can be upgraded to a commercial version at any moment without any data loss.

About "CN-Software" Ltd.

Founded in 2002, CN-Software Ltd. is an upcoming company focused on developing software for web-sites creation and maintenance.


Product page URL: http://www.cn-software.com/en/cnstats/

Download free version: http://www.cn-software.com/en/cnstats/download.php/

Purchase: http://www.cn-software.com/en/shop/

About the company: http://www.cn-software.com

E-mail: support@cn-software.com