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CNStats STD - Quick Start

This article is intended for those who'd like to test CNStats STD. It gives all necessary information for installation "from scratch". You are supposed to be experienced in installing php-scripts. If no, then you can do it now easily.

Installing CNStats in Brief - for Pro's

Download, unzip, upload to the site, install, obtain a trial key, enter the key, insert the counter key, test, uninstall/purchase.

Installing CNStats in Detail - for Novices

The hosting of your site should support MySql and PHP. You will need ftp-access to the site and data for working with the database (namely, database server address, login, password, and database name for statistics). You are supposed to have these data; otherwise, contact your hosting provider to get this info. So, you should do the following:

  1. Download the last distribution kit of CNStats STD; it is always available at this link - http://www.cnstats.com/downloads/cnstats.zip. This is a zip-archive, containing /cnstats/ catalogue with all necessary sites. You should upload this catalogue to your site by ftp. As a result, after you enter the address http://your-site.ru/cnstats in a browser, you will be prompted to start installation.
  2. Select the installation language and enter the required data for access to mysql, your login and password for access to statistics interface. All the other fields may be left as is, with default values. At the next step, you should see the process of tables creation in the database, as well as generated contents of config.php file. Copy this code to the clipboard, create config.php file in the catalogue containing statistics (for example, /cnstats), and insert the code into the newly created file. Then, delete /cnstats/install catalogue. The installation is completed.
  3. Obtain the trial key - http://www.cn-software.com/en/freekey/. Enter the address of your site (in the browser address field, omitting http:// and /) to the field "Domain" (see FAQ for details). Enter CNStats statistics interface on your site and copy the obtained register key (together with "#"symbols) to the offered field. If everything is correct, the following message will be displayed: "The "trial" license for the domain "your-site.com is valid through 25.04.2007". The registration is completed.
  4. Obtain the mandatory counter code via the statistics menu "Configuration->Counter code" and insert it onto php-pages of your site (as a rule, it is inserted at one exact location, provided that the site has been created using templates). Please pay attention to the fact, that the mandatory code of the statistics accumulation should be inserted between the tags <BODY> </BODY>, and at the place, where it will be executed as php-code. The statistics is being accumulated already.
  5. Now you may read the manual (if necessary) and analyze the recorded statistics of your site.

This is a standard installation procedure; however, your site may require a different installation way. It is not a problem - CNStats abilities are much wider! If you have any issues with the installation, then, please contact us using the contacts form - and you will get a qualified support shortly.