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CNStats Rating

The program suite for web-sites rating management

Current Version

CNStats Rating 7.3

CNStats Rating System Description.

CNStats Rating Scope

The CNStats Rating system has been designed to collect and analyze stats for attendance of any web-site and to build visiting ratings rubricated by different categories.

How It Works

A web-site owner has to register (become a participant) in the system and get a counter code to be placed on every page of his/her web-site. The code allows to request an image placed on CNStats Rating server. When a web-page with the code is visited it triggers a request to the rating system which is recorded to the log-file. All necessary reports are built from the data recorded in the log-file. Visitors are counted with the help of cookies, placed by the inserted counter code when a user visits the web-page.

Technical Implementation

Two web-servers are started on the server:

  1. Special high-performance server to process requests from the particpating web-sites, to form counter images, and to record data to the log-files.
  2. Apache web-server to view ratings and reports.

The system does not employ standard database applications. System performance depends on the performance of the hard drive system.


Technical Features

Note. These are not requirements. These are only examples of configuration, which can vary - write to us for details.