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CNSearch 2.0.1

User Manual / CNSearch 1.5.1

5.6 Google Sitemap Automatic Generation

Note: Google Sitemap generation is not the main CNSearch function; first of all, CNSearch is the system for full-text search at a site.

To generate Google Sitemap, one should perform indexing (see indexing module) and set the search module (see search module) at the site. After that, Google Sitemap generation can be performed by means of accessing the address:



If search index contains several sites, then one can assign the site number, for which Google Sitemap will be generated, with the held of the additional parameter "d".

The method of number assignment is described in the section "Searching at selected sites".

For example:


Google Sitemap generation should be performed right after the search index updating. In Unix/Linux systems "fetch" programs are used for this purpose (it is installed at FreeBSD by default) or wget:

fetch -q -o /path/to/www.site.com/sitemap.xml \


wget -q -O /path/to/www.site.com/sitemap.xml \


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